April 2, 2012

Merlin S4 Episode 13 – The Sword in the Stone (Part 2)

Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, Isolde and Merlin have reached the woods just outside the village, but Agravaine is hot on their tail. Merlin urges the others to keep going, offering to cover their tracks. With the othersĀ furtherĀ ahead, Merlin calls his friend the Great Dragon to aid him. While Merlin runs to meet up with his friends, the Dragon comes up from behind and attacks Agravaine’s men. When the Dragon comes around for a second pass, Agravaine and his remaining companions flee in the same direction Arthur’s party has gone. (more…)

March 29, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep12 – The Sword in the Stone (Part 1)

The two part finale opens with Merlin assisting Arthur in his chambers and poking a new hole in the king’s belt. It seems all the feasting has caused Arthur to put on a few pounds, and he makes Merlin promise not to tell anyone. Everything seems to be normal as they head off for another evening of celebration in the castle. Arthur turns a tad melancholic as he thinks of Gwen and shares a brief moment with Merlin.

But Agravaine has other plans for the evening, as he begins tossing small explosives at guards near the entrance to the siege tunnels and signals for Morgana and Helios’ army. He leads this advance unit through the underground passages. As they make their way through the town, they silently take out any guards they happen upon and spill oil throughout the market and around homes. Agravaine casually drops his torch to set ablaze his tracks. When Morgana sees the flames, she knows it is time for her to strike. (more…)

March 21, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep11 – The Hunter’s Heart

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Just when Gwen has settled into a new home in a small village far from Camelot, her life takes another turn as she is captured by bandits who’ve decided to ransack the place.

Meanwhile, Arthur has summoned a court meeting, announcing to all that Camelot has formed an agreement over land disputes with the kingdom of Nemeth. As part of these peaceful negotiations, Arthur will marry the princess of Nemeth, Mithian. Merlin is shocked and upset that Arthur kept him in the dark about it, urging his friend not to go through with the marriage. Merlin thinks it’s too soon after the Gwen debacle and knows Arthur still loves her. The king threatens Merlin to exile if he ever speaks of Gwen again. (more…)

March 6, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep10 – A Herald of the New Age

During one of their patrols, Arthur and his men stumble across an old druid shrine. Merlin has heard of these from Gaius, informing his comrades that these types of shrines were built to appease restless spirits and it should not be disturbed. When Arthur declares there is nothing for the men there, they turn to leave the shrine. Elyan is the last to turn away, but spots a well nearby and stops to take a drink. After taking his fill, Elyan sees the reflection of a young boy in the water, but no one stands behind him. He hears whispers in the wind, and frightened, runs to catch up with the others. (more…)

February 20, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep9 – Lancelot du Lac

Welcome back, Lancelot

Arthur summons his uncle Agravaine to his chambers late one evening, informing his uncle of his intentions of marrying Gwen despite what he thinks. Definitely not thrilled with this news, Agravaine slips away to inform Morgana of Arthur’s coming betrothal. Morgana refuses to see her dream become reality, and knowing Gwen’s weakness, she plans on exploiting it to pull her former handmaiden away from her half brother.

Seeking some assistance, Morgana turns to an old woman living in a forest cavern, someone very familiar with Morgana’s destiny to bring back the Old Religion. She shows this woman a magical coin left to her by Morgause which can be used to release a soul. The old woman tells Morgana to head to the last of the Five Gateways and find the Pool of Nemhain. Once there, Morgana needs to cast the coin into the pool’s black waters and her wish will be granted. And so Morgana follows the old woman’s instructions, bringing Lancelot back from the dead. (more…)

February 7, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep8 – Lamia


Everyone in Longstead is preparing for bed, when suddenly a man’s scream fills the night air. John, the village elder, rushes outside to see what has happened, searching along the path and checking behind doors, until he finds one of his people in a state of complete shock. He senses something hiding nearby but cannot see what it is. (more…)

February 1, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep7 – The Secret Sharer

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Alator of the Catha

Agravaine has brought Morgana back to her hut, letting her rest while he takes care of her. She finally stirs and tells him of her confrontation with Emrys. Agravaine is certain that Gaius has been informing Emrys of their traitorous plans, and with Morgana’s help, he sets a plan in motion to set Gaius up publicly as Camelot’s turncoat.

While Agravaine works on Arthur, Morgana heads off to recruit a powerful ally. This magician is known as Alator, and as a member of a group called the Catha, he knows how to extract information from the unwilling. His training as a warrior priest is what Morgana desires because she is certain Gaius will not easily give up what he knows of Emrys. Offering him the healing bracelet given to her from Gaius as payment, she hires Alator to kidnap Gaius. (more…)

January 25, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep6 – A Servant of Two Masters

Arthur, Merlin and the Knights are ambushed by mercenaries when they attempt to take a shortcut through the Valley of the Kings. Merlin takes a blow to the chest and Arthur helps move him to a safer location where they both can hide. Under the cover of the night, Merlin and Arthur try to make the situation a bit more lighthearted, talking of heroism and cowardice. When they wake in the morning, Arthur hoists Merlin over his shoulders, hoping they can outrun the men chasing them. Unfortunately, they are pinned in a narrow passageway, forcing Arthur to put Merlin down and fight. Merlin does what he can to ensure Arthur’s safety by causing a rockslide, but he is now alone and injured. (more…)

January 11, 2012

Merlin S4 Ep5 – His Father’s Son

King Caerleon

King Caerleon

His Father’s Son opens with Merlin dressed as a knight of Camelot being chased by a small army of bandits. He deliberately luring them into a trap set up by King Arthur, where he waits with a small army of his own. After defeating the bandits, Agravaine hauls their leader to Arthur, revealing the man’s true identity. The man they captured is Caerleon, the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom who has been caught trespassing several times. Agravaine plays on Arthur’s insecurities as a new king, suggesting that their prisoner either agree to a treaty of what Agravaine thinks is fair or to kill him in the morning. Arthur does not sleep, the weight of this decision heavy on him. (more…)

October 24, 2011

Merlin S4 Ep4 – Aithusa

A thief sneaks into a cave where a group of druids are hiding out to steal a fragment of a triskelion said to open the way to a great treasure. Once he has it in hand, he turns around to find the druids awake and flees with his winnings. His next stop is Camelot, to visit an old friend and find the final piece of the key.

In the middle of the night, there is a knocking on Gaius’ door. Merlin wakes to see what is going on through a crack in his bedroom door. The thief, a man called Borden, has come to show Gaius the triskelion and ask for his assistance is collecting the final piece, which has been locked up in the castle vault. Once complete, the triskelion will lead the bearer to the Tomb of Ashkanar, which legend says contains a dragon egg. Gaius tells Borden he will not help him, that he believes that Arthur will be a better king than Uther was. He sends Borden out, and Merlin talks to Gaius of Borden and his claims. Gaius explains that Borden has always been a shady character, always out for himself. (more…)

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