March 19, 2015

MGS Solid Snake Nendoroid Review

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Stealth games are not my forte, not by a long shot. Try as I might, I’m often running to find a locker to hide in or get caught up in a gunfight that I’d rather not have to deal with seeing as 9 times out of 10 I am short on ammo. But Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series has always intrigued me with its story and blatant rip off of 80s movie era Kurt Russell. True fact: I convinced my District Manager to let me open the EB Games I managed at midnight for MGS4, the only store in town to do so. Then I went home and played the opening hour or so of the game before passing out. The game is still (unfortunately) in my backlog.

Down to business. I could have preordered Snake on any variety of sites (AmiAmi, HLJ, etc) but I try to buy direct from Goodsmile whenever I can, especially if I can bundle Nendos and/or accessories to reduce my shipping costs. This time I was preordering him alongside my Nendoroid More Faces. Ordering direct also meant I would get a special box sleeve that was a throwback to the original PS1 Metal Gear box art.

The Goodsmile Preorder Bonus Exterior Sleeve


Goodsmile created Snake to be the first Nendoroid with the ability to pose on his stomach in a crawling position, which as all gamers know is an important part of MGS games. Unfortunately in my case, trying to do so went horribly as his torso doesn’t clip to his legs very well. So I’d have to position Snake’s body and then carefully attach his legs no matter what way I try to pose him. Maybe another day when I have more patience and better equipment for photography I’ll try again.

I absolutely love the low-poly throwback Snake head!

Solid Snake comes with a handgun and an assault rifle, a cardboard box for hiding (which I haven’t glued together yet because how is there no normal glue in this house?), and extra hands, including one holding a lit cigarette. There is also a delicate piece of plastic for the loose ends of his bandanna that pop into his head and can be repositioned as you like.

Smoking Snake

Now for a confession. As much as I love Solid Snake, and I do, yes I do, the second thing that popped into my brain after “Oh my God, it’s a Snake Nendo and I have to have it!” was “I can’t wait to see if I can mash this up with my Yotsubas!” Now if you don’t know who Yotsuba is she is the adorable 5 year old star of Yotsuba&!, a manga written and drawn by Azumanga Daioh manga-ka Kiyohiko Azuma. Her innocence and imagination knocked Sailor Moon into second place when it comes to my favourite manga series. Once upon a time a fan drawn Yotsuba/Metal Gear mashup was posted to YouTube and I have been in love with that low production video ever since.

Inserting the Metal Gear Yotsuba video here. You may want to lower your speakers a tad.

I also received a new Yotsuba figure shortly after getting Snake in the mail, which I wrote about and shared pictures of here. Now that you have some reference material, here is the glorious mash-up I created with my original Yotsuba Revoltech head and Snake’s Nendo body.

All she wanted was some ice cream!


Unfortunately, the peg attached to the head doesn’t quite fit into the hole in the Nendoroid so I had to get it to balance but the ice cream from my original Yotsuba fit the gun gripping hand decently. I switched to her “stupid Yanda!” head as I like to call it for that more hardened bad-ass look. Now that I think about it I really should have ordered 2 of these so I could have her and Snake battling it out. Perhaps I will have to see if I can find a second one down the road. For now, Snake will join Mikasa (Attack on Titan) in in-depth battle tactics discussions while Kuma/Teddie (Persona 4) runs around trying to charm my Haganai girls.

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