October 16, 2014

Sailor Saturn Figure Review (Bandai Tamashii S.H. Figuarts)

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Sailor Saturn Box

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned, but Plan B shows up unexpectedly and you realize that it worked out just as well.

When Sailor Saturn still hadn’t shipped from Amazon, I was starting to get worried. I’d ordered from Amazon, not a 3rd party seller, but all the 3rd parties had her in stock and were shipping them while the only update we got from Amazon was an email asking if we still wanted the item. Concerned and impatient, I turned to Barnes and Noble. Why, you ask? Well, turns out some of the B&Ns in the area have some very nice SH Figuarts and Gundam model display cases now. Of the two B&Ns within 15 minutes of us, one has these displays and thankfully had 1 Sailor Saturn in stock. So I rushed there and with 15 minutes left until closing, Sailor Saturn was mine. It made me a little sad to cancel the Amazon order but that was squashed by the excitement of having Saturn in hand.

Packaged the same as every other Sailor Senshi, Saturn comes with three extra faces and 4 sets of hands. After 5 other Senshi, Bandai finally put the hands on a small pegged holder which meant no scrambling for loose hands that jumped out of the package and nearly got lost under the fridge.


Hotaru’s Silence Glaive is neatly packaged just underneath her and the insert containing her faces and hands. The staff felt a little weak so snapping it into her hands (the third set down from the above photo) took me a minute or two. Last thing I wanted to do was break it!




And voila! The 6th released Sailor Scout was now free from her cardboard prison and ready to take her rightful place beside the Inner Senshi. Because she has a smaller bow at the back of her fuku there wasn’t much of a struggle to set her up. The worst part was getting her feet and legs into the position I wanted. Trying to pose her like she is on the front of the box was too bothersome so I nixed that idea and kept her in a normal standing position. Sailor Saturn Full

Sailor Saturn is available on Amazon and is also listed on Barnes & Noble’s website.

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