March 24, 2015

Sailor Uranus & Neptune Figure Reviews (Bandai Tamashii S.H. Figuarts)

Neptune and Uranus

It feels inherently wrong to write about Uranus without Neptune and vice versa, which is why I held off on posting pictures of Uranus until Neptune arrived. In Japan, Premium Bandai shipped the two of them together (or so said all the preorders at the time) but when it came to North American distribution, Bluefin Tamashii split them up and sold them at $50 a piece on Amazon et al.

In the original Sailor Moon manga, Uranus and Neptune were a lesbian couple. Haruka (Uranus) dressed more masculine and had an affinity for racing cars, while Michiru (Neptune) was an accomplished violinist and the more feminine of the two. When the original anime came to North America, executives at DIC decided it would be better to change their relationship to cousins. It was the early 90s and gay characters were a pretty touchy subject as it was, so they thought it best not to present that sort of lifestyle to impressionable youngsters. Thankfully we’ve grown a lot since then, and I am looking forward to seeing their relationship unaltered when the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal rolls around.

Uranus Pieces

Uranus & Accessories, including an extra fact for Sailor Moon (the one with the hearts for eyes)

The first thing I really noticed upon removing Uranus from her packaging was the detail in her boots. She has always had my favourite pair of boots, and not just because they are blue. It’s one of the little things that helps distinguish her age from the Inner Senshi. Some people may argue that point, with Mars and Venus both wearing high heels when transformed, but those have always come across to me as middle schoolers trying to impress the older boys.

Uranus Boots

Stunning detail in Uranus’ boots

OK, enough about the boots! But only because there are poses and faces to check out. The next shot I snapped of Uranus was her battle pose, Space Sword held high above her head. I gently had to wiggle the sword’s grip into the one hand attachment made for the pose and then snap the hand onto her wrist. I also changed her face for this pose and noticed her packaged face was very much stuck in place. I carefully used what little fingernails I have at the moment and popped out the face behind her ears.

Uranus Space Sword

Uranus with her Space Sword talisman

She also comes with what I like to call “Hadouken” hands, so I had to pop those on.

Uranus Hadouken


Of all the Sailor Senshi Figuarts released to date, Uranus has the most interchangeable hand options. There are 2 sets of fists and 5 sets of widespread hands in various positions. I would have tried to pose her in her World Shaking battle stance, but I don’t think her legs could split that far apart or her body bend down enough.

Neptune Pieces

Neptune with accessories

When I first took Neptune out of her box today I should have told myself not to bother trying to switch her into the second set of crossed arms she comes with.  I looked at them and thought “Oh! I can pose her like on the back of the box and that looks simple enough to do”.

Neptune Crossed Arms

Sailor Neptune with crossed arms

Boy was I wrong. The right pauldron of her Sailor fuku popped off the ball joint and I struggled to get it on far enough to push the right arm piece in. I nearly lost that pauldron five times in the course of 10 minutes while I fought to make this pose happen. Once it did, it was another 5 minutes to get her original arm back on. I doubt I will ever pose her with crossed arms ever again after that. And since I never tried with Uranus, I’m going to just leave those arms in the drawer.

Neptune with Mirror

Sailor Neptune with the Deep Aqua Mirror

The two other poses I did with Neptune were holding her Deep Aqua Mirror talisman and a serene, folded hands pose. The mirror slid very nicely into the hand attachment but only with the back side of the mirror facing outward. For this one, I switched to her battle face and imagined her shouting “Deep Submerge!”

Serene Neptune

Sailor Neptune with serene face and folded hands

As you can see in the above photo, Neptune’s folded hands are one piece. Snapping the ball joint pegs into each hand was fine, it was getting everything to look right was a challenge. That was the best of the several photos I took trying to make the hands look even.

Overall I am satisfied with both additions to my SH Figuarts collection. I’m pretty much out of space on my one Sailor Moon shelf so I may need to switch some things around on my displays to accommodate the Tuxedo Mask and Chibi Usa figures I recently ordered. And then there are the Sailor Moon Cafe Sweets that I preordered… I don’t have a problem!! =P

Amazon is the best place to look for officially distributed Sailor Moon Figuarts in North American. Click on each one to be taken to the correct listing page for the following: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi Usa.

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