February 25, 2015

Yotsuba Koiwai Action Figure (Kotobukiya)

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Yotsubas Chilling

New Yotsuba (left) with my original Yotsuba (right)

It is no secret that a certain green haired 5 year old girl is my favourite manga character of all time (with Usagi from Sailor Moon and Onizuka from GTO tied for the #2 spot). The series is one I like to pull out when I am feeling down or need some inspiration and power through in a couple of days, leaving me refreshed and happy. Her innocent view of the world fills me with all the smiles and laughter.

I have one of the original Yotsuba Revoltech figures. Because it’s an original it doesn’t have many accessories or points of articulation. I keep her in her box stance on the shelf beside my Danboard Revoltech, sometimes holding her ice cream bar. When I found out Kotobukiya was making a new non-Revoltech line Yotsuba with 21 points of articulation and Jurarumin it was an instant preorder. 

She arrived on Monday but I had to work so I didn’t take her out of the packaging until today. She comes with a total of five interchangeable faces, 6 sets of hands, Jurarumin and sling bag, a bubble wand, camera, and a small red rod that I am not yet 100% sure of what it’s for.

Yotsuba Acces

Yotsuba with (most) of her accessories.


First thing I noticed was the white fabric of her shirt is made from a softer vinyl which is great for when her legs pop off and I need to wiggle them back onto the joints. Swapping her faces works like most Nendoroids that I own. Carefully pulling out her bangs first, then removing the face for swapping. Her shoulder and thigh joints are different though. The ball of the joint is attached to the body of the figure and the shoulder and thigh pieces are caps that fit overtop the ball. It means her arms and thighs can only move so far but I was able to pose her in a variety of ways by bending carefully and using her stand or leaning her against a box.

Yotsuba and Danbo

Yotsuba and Danbo


Jurarumin & sling bag

Yotsuba and Jurarumin

Yotsuba and Jurarumin

Yotsuba Excited

Yotsuba is excited to go on an adventure

Yotsubas Showdown

Two Yotsubas, One Ice Cream

I absolutely love this figure! The only thing that could make it better would be one or two of Yotusba’s other outfits to dress her in, like her little wizard outfit. Have I mentioned that I love her?

If you are looking to get your hands on this figure, she’s currently listed for $49.99 on Crunchyroll and Amazon.com


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