July 10, 2014

My Extra Life 2014 – Update #2

On October 25th, 2014, I will once again participate in the epic 25 hour video game marathon that is Extra Life, and it’s my sincere hope that you’ll find it in your heart to support me with a tax deductible donation that will go directly to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

I’m hoping to hit the $500 mark again this year and so I have decided to raffle off some cross stitching in exchange for donations. The grand prize is a tapestry of the Super Mario Bros 3 World 1 Map, which looks like this:


It’s a little stretched but the original is super tiny

Now that I’m finishing up the second last “panel” I figured it was as good a time as any to post an updated picture here (which I will update on my official Extra Life page as well). Only 9 more dancing bushes to go!!!


As I’m nearing the end of stitching on this beast, my thoughts turn to a secondary prize option for people who are not necessarily into video games and so I’ve been searching through my magazines and internet patterns to see if I can find anything to work on next. Leading the running (in my mind) are two very cute Gingerbread House and Haunted House patterns from Cloudsfactory, and one of two very detailed geisha patterns from one of my World of Cross Stitching magazines.

A reminder that for every $5 donation you’ll receive 1 raffle ticket in exchange.

I’ve also committed to my first game selection for Extra Life 2014: the original Uncharted PS3 game. After years of flack from my friend Patrick for not having played this, I picked up all three from GameStop the other week and have promised to play the first installment for at least a few hours this October. I have a very strong feeling that Destiny and Dragon Age Inquisition will eat up a good chunk of my 25 hours as well, fingers crossed there are no delays.

If you have any suggestions for which secondary prize I should stitch or other games you’d like to see me play, please let me know!

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