March 24, 2015

Sailor Uranus & Neptune Figure Reviews (Bandai Tamashii S.H. Figuarts)

Neptune and Uranus

It feels inherently wrong to write about Uranus without Neptune and vice versa, which is why I held off on posting pictures of Uranus until Neptune arrived. In Japan, Premium Bandai shipped the two of them together (or so said all the preorders at the time) but when it came to North American distribution, Bluefin Tamashii split them up and sold them at $50 a piece on Amazon et al.

In the original Sailor Moon manga, Uranus and Neptune were a lesbian couple. Haruka (Uranus) dressed more masculine and had an affinity for racing cars, while Michiru (Neptune) was an accomplished violinist and the more feminine of the two. When the original anime came to North America, executives at DIC decided it would be better to change their relationship to cousins. It was the early 90s and gay characters were a pretty touchy subject as it was, so they thought it best not to present that sort of lifestyle to impressionable youngsters. Thankfully we’ve grown a lot since then, and I am looking forward to seeing their relationship unaltered when the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal rolls around. (more…)

August 21, 2013

Tales of Xillia

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Status: Milla storyline complete, grinding in the post-game dungeon before starting NG+ with Jude
Playtime: 63 hours and counting
Trophies: 15 of 44

Here there be spoilers. Enter at own risk.

My addiction to JRPGs has long been documented. Hell, WRPGs and JRPGS alike cause me to drop everything else and devote hours of my time they are until complete. Same can most certainly be said about my first adventure through Rieze Maxia and Elympios with Milla Maxwell and company.

I decided to go with Milla as my main character the first time around mostly because she wielded a sword, had a ridiculous outfit, and her background as a personified spirit lord intrigued me. I almost immediately regretted it as her initial English voice over was far too stiff and forced, even if she wasn’t naturally human. Thankfully this corrected itself as the game progressed but I still wished the entire time that the original Japanese audio had been an option with Tales of Xillia even if I’d had to pay for it as DLC.  (more…)

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