January 15, 2013

To Overcome Fear

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Some people have a fear of failure.

As a child, I did not have this fear. I did well in school, read at a grade 6 level when I was in grade 2 (thus devouring every non-reference book in the school library and having to get a public library card early on), I played street hockey in an era where no one wore helmets or padding. The only time I was really ever scared was when riding my bike down steep hills after an accident one summer had me chewed up by some thorny bushes. I mostly got over that, with the exception being that lone hill.

My formative years as a teen were relatively fear-free. Hell, I chopped off all of my hair knowing full well that my mother was going to blow her top off about it. It was her fault though; she forced me to get an atrocious box perm which fell out in chunks. No one wants to walk around town looking like that. (more…)

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