June 20, 2014

Current Editing Project: Vincent Macleod, Agent of TRACE Book 1

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Concept art for Vincent Macleod

I know I haven’t been updating my site as much as I should be lately, but I really do have valid reasons for being such a slacker. After working at my paying gig, I am devoting my evenings to working on my Extra Life 2014 donation raffle prizes, while Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday I’ve been editing a young adult/new adult genre sci-fi action adventure story for an old friend and former customer of mine back in my EB Games/GameStop days.

Vincent Macleod: Agent of TRACE is the story of a young man who discovers he possesses super human abilities after a rather rough run-in with a bully in his first year of high school. Originally planned as a 12 chapter tale, Derek and I have morphed it into 15 chapters of what is looking like at least a 4 book series.

If you are interested, the first couple of chapters are available to read on Booksie.

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