April 2, 2015

Extra Life 2015 Update #1


April is here, and that means I must get myself in gear for Extra Life 2015. This year’s event will take place on November 7, and I will once again take part in the 25 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. All proceeds raised during the 2015 event will be going to CHOA Family Services. Family Services supplies teachers, social workers, chaplains and other support services for families and children while they are being treated at CHOA facilities, inpatient or out.  (more…)

October 31, 2014

Extra Life 2014 Post-Mortem

Extra Life 2014 is in the books, and damn was it a fun one! =)

First off I need to thank everyone who donated their money, time, and/or support as I managed to stay awake the entire 25 hours of my marathon after a brief 2 hour nap. 3.5 bottles (500ml) of Pepsi were consumed, a meal of Five Guys inhaled, and countless numbers of songs sung during that time, many of which I’m sure I made up. Thanks to everyone who tuned into my broadcast, messaged me with comments and questions. I apologize for the weird audio issues that happened during Uncharted 2, but hey, I FINALLY PLAYED AN UNCHARTED GAME! =)

As of this moment I am sitting at $885, only $115 away from my $1000 goal. If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, Extra Life is keeping our 2014 pages open until the end of December. Thanks to the generosity of some good friends, I have some game codes available to give away and am asking for a minimum of $5 to get your hands on one. I’ve got some Slender, Walking Dead Pinball, Costume Quest, Bloodrayne Betrayal, and Double Dragon Neon codes up for grabs.

I’d also like to congratulate my raffle winners: Albert C for getting the grand prize Super Mario 3 World 1 map, Lincoln T and Vickey C who are getting some cross stitchery, and John R and Kim B who will be getting a bunch of Bath & Bodyworks goodies. I’m already looking all over the place for new raffle ideas for next year, so if you have suggestions or freebies you’d like to donate for me to give away, shoot me an email or post in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates and information for Extra Life 2015 coming sometime in the start of the New Year. =)

August 1, 2014

My Extra Life 2014 – Update #3


It’s finished!!

I started on my Extra Life grand raffle prize back in May (or maybe the very end of April) and last night I made the last stitches on the Super Mario Bros 3 World 1 Map cross stitch masterpiece. It only took every extra minute of my life for 3 months, my video game backlog grew by four or five games, and I jabbed myself at least a dozen times. But if it helps the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, then it is so worth it. All that’s left now is to find a nice frame.

I did the math and if someone asked me to make this piece as a commission it would run almost $600 plus supplies. Since every $5 donation nets you 1 entry into the raffle, the more you donate the better your odds. $100 donation is 20 entries and really bumps up your odds. And is way easier on your wallet.  (more…)

September 20, 2012

Extra Life 2012: Raising Money for Kids on Oct 19

On October 19th I will once again be participating in the epic 24 hour video game playing marathon for charity that is Extra Life. For as little as $1 an hour (that’s only $24!) or any sized flat donation, you can help me raise funds that will help children and their families while they undergo treatment. All donations are tax deductible and every penny of it will go towards Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Goal for 2012: $200

Donate by visiting my Extra Life Participant page

Like last year, my decision to play for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is to give back to them for being there for my husband when he needed them as a child. Going through cancer treatments is scary as hell, and I want the support system they had for him to be there for more children in his situation for years to come.

I haven’t yet decided which games I’ll be playing this year during the event, mostly because I am work on my backlog and still figuring out if we’ll be picking anything up before the event takes place. A list of games will go in this spot eventually,  just as soon as I know what that situation is.

You can keep updated as to my goings on with Extra Life 2012 by following me on Twitter or checking back on this post.


Update 1: I had to push my play date forward to Oct 19th from the official date of Oct 20th to accommodate last minute weekend plans.


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