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Geek & Gaming Cross Stitchery 2 – Kitchen Decor

“The pineapple is a sensitive beast.” ~ Fat Tony (Darkness 2)

I have a dream kitchen, filled with beautiful stainless steel and black appliances, a gas range, double ovens and a walk-in pantry even Nigella would be envious of. It will be filled with all sorts of awesome Fred & Friends kitchen gear and I’ll have many sets of Japanese tableware, at least one pattern for every season.

In this dream kitchen there will be no room for the typical “You are what you eat” pig plaque or a frog scrubby holder. Only the coolest and most awesome parts of my culture will be allowed. Figuring there is no time like the present to start, I’ve been working on the first pieces of my kitchen collection.

Thanks to Darkness 2 I found my first bit of true inspiration. Fat Tony’s love affair with fruit immediately earned him a spot on my future walls. I decided to start with his observations on the pineapple, which led to the above freehand pattern. It may not be the prettiest cross stitch pineapple out there, but hey, I think I did OK.  Next on my Fat Tony list, his ruminations on plums.

Cave Johnson’s famous rant from Portal 2

Next up was the Combustible Lemons pattern I purchased from Pixystitches (formerly VelvetElvii) back with the IT Crowd Moss quote and a couple others. Because of the size of the pattern and the fact that I kept cutting away at my white fabric, this one sat on the back burner for a while. The famous Cave Johnson rant in which he demands life take the lemons back skyrocketed to popularity and secretly I want to believe that Portal 2 was created specifically for the purpose of giving us this diatribe.

The third piece was taken not from a video game but from one of my Sunday night cartoons. Season 2 Episode 4 of Bob’s Burgers features BurgerBoss, an arcade game featuring a Mario-esque chef battling his way past condiments to rescue Princess Mayonnaise. For this one I decided to stitch the start up screen from the arcade machine. Not a super fancy one, but not bad for playing around with the KG-Chart LE program for the first time ever.

The main screen from the BurgerBoss arcade machine in Bob’s Burgers

I’ve already picked out my next kitchen decor project: a rather large butcher’s chart of Yoshi – you know, that cute little dinosaur pal of Mario’s. However, I am a bit intimidated by the size of the thing (somewhere over 3ft if I did the math correctly) and I’d have to order the cloth for it, not to mention grab a whole bunch of thread colours not in my craft drawer. So I’m putting that one off for a month or two and snooping around for other neat patterns to tackle in the meantime.

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