Juui Dolittle

The veterinarians of Japan see themselves as years behind in the animal medicine practice compared to their American and European counterparts. Most doctors find themselves unable to specialize in one particular area of their art but there are some among them who want to change that. Tottori-sensei might be the rudest vet in Tokyo, seemingly only in it for the money, but his skills in the operating room are unrivaled. His classmate, Hanabishi Masaru has a small chain of animal clinics and hosts Pet 1-1-9, a TV program aimed at educating pet owners.

When Tajima Asuka brings her ailing horse to Tottori’s clinic on the recommendation of his former professor, he agrees to operate in exchange for her working off her debt as she does not have the funds to pay his seemingly outrageous fee. As she works in the office and takes up residence in the clinic, Asuka comes to realize that Tottori is not as uncaring as he comes across. Tottori loves working with animals and has a strong desire to save as many as he possibly can.

Tottori has never been the most social person, and he begins to open up more now that Asuka has joined him in the clinic. Since she arrived, Hanabishi comes around more often, sometimes for advice and others for assistance on a more professional level. Hanabishi lost the only staff surgeon at his clinic and is afraid the secret he is hiding will get out. Asuka also looks to Hanabishi for help when she doesn’t know how to get through to Tottori. Human-pet relationships and how they affect our lives are the main theme of Juui Dolittle.

Each episode deals with various animal conditions, showcasing all types of animals from dogs and cats to dolphins and wild boar. Various surgeries are staged with the assistance of CGI and special effects with no harm coming to any of the animals.

Starring: Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao, Narimiya Hiroki, Ishizaka Koji, Kunimura Jun
Genre: Medical Drama
Episodes: 9
TV Station: TBS
Air Dates: Oct 17, 2010 – Dec 19, 2010

Based on the manga Veterinarian Dolittle written by Midori Natsu and illustrated by Kiyoshi Chikuyama

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