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Alan Wake’s The Signal and The Writer DLC

Status: Finished both The Signal & The Writer DLC Achievements: 41 of 67 Gamerscore: 740/1500 Months after finishing Alan Wake’s original content and downloading both DLC add-ons, I still hadn’t gotten around to actually playing the new episodes. I’d see the box for the game sitting on the top of my 360 shelving unit and think “Maybe this …

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Gamer Scribbles

How I Gamed My Way Through 2010

With only a couple of weeks remaining, major video game releases for 2010 are in the books. Looking over the list of the releases I can remember playing, I would have to say I had a pretty solid year hanging out with my consoles. I can’t remember the last time I spent so much time …

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Alan Wake

Status: 1 Normal playthrough of Alan Wake complete, now playing on Nightmare Achievements: 31 of 50 Gamerscore: 490/1000 DLC Purchased: None As I sit here channeling Alan Wake, writing in the light to keep away any Dark Presence that may have seeped from my Xbox 360 over the past week,  I take a brief moment to reflect on just …

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