Cross Stitch

Wreck It Ralph Cross Stitch

As a gamer and avid fan of animated movies, I absolutely had to make this cross stitch after seeing the second trailer for Wreck-It Ralph. The Bad Guy Affirmation comes from the clip as the close to BAD-ANON meetings.

You can download my .sth file (works in KG-Chart) for the pattern by right clicking and saving this link: Wreck-It Ralph Affirmation Pattern .

Feb 14, 2013 EDIT: I figured out how to convert my .sth file into a PDF. Please ignore the Japanese at the bottom of the page; you can still tell what the dimensions are as well as what colours of floss I used. WreckItRalphAffirmationPattern.

April 28, 2013 EDIT: Just got an email from dreamingpixels over at GeekCrafts that she wrote about this pattern today. I am flattered that she found my little corner of the net and is sharing it with her readers. =)


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