Sims Official Magazine Premiere Edition & Me

Back at the start of September one of the gaming journalists I follow on Twitter had asked if any of her followers played any of The Sims games. I stuck my hand up and asked if The Sims Social on Facebook counted in her eyes and she replied with a resounding “Yes!” By the end of the day I found myself happily recruited for an interview in the now released premiere edition of The Sims Official Magazine.

Part of me feels I should be ashamed at just how much time I have sunk into The Sims Social (and also SimCity Social) but seeing as I consider myself a hardcore gamer, I go where the games are that I want to play. So really, I shouldn’t hide the fact that I am currently addicted to either Facebook game, should I?

To make sure I have a record of this glorious day (hey, I’m in a gaming related magazine and I am damn well going to celebrate that no matter what you think!), I have taken screencaps of the original web publication for this issue. If you want to check out the interview, as well as see the other gamer I share the spotlight with in the Meet My Sim section of the magazine, just click on this link.

If you’d rather just look at the bit that’s only about me, well, here you are!


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