Bob's Burgers - Turkey in a Can

Ranking the Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving Episodes

As a Canadian in the US of A, I am blessed with celebrating Thanksgiving twice a year. Which means that on the second Monday of October and the third Thursday in November, the background noise to whatever I’m cooking is every episode of Bob’s Burgers. It’s a show I ingest daily. If I want to …

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Bear and Breakfast review

Review: Bear and Breakfast Restores Balance

Two things you can put in your game that will sucker me into buying it: animal characters and building elements. Which is why the instant I first saw Bear and Breakfast (which was either during the Wholesome Games or Day of the Devs 2022 stream) I knew it was a day one purchase. I played …

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Project Backlog

Project Backlog: The Return of the Backlog

Backlogs. They come in all forms: books, TV, movies, video games, crafting projects. And we all have them. Today I have decided to revisit an old, old post of mine. All the way back in 2013 I had listed off the video games in my collection that I hadn’t gotten around to finishing. It’s 6 …

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Extra Life

Join Me for Extra Life 2018!

2018 marks my NINTH year of participating in Extra Life and I am so excited to raise money once again for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon (video/board/card games) that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals around the world. This year it takes place on November 3rd, 2018. I’ll …

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