Cross Stitch

Wreck It Ralph Cross Stitch

As a gamer and avid fan of animated movies, I absolutely had to make this cross stitch after seeing the second trailer for Wreck-It Ralph. The Bad Guy Affirmation comes from the clip as the close to BAD-ANON meetings. You can download my .sth file (works in KG-Chart) for the pattern by right clicking and saving …

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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Status: Starting 3rd movie Coop, playing 2nd movie single player Achievements: 15 of 40 Gamerscore: 252/1000 DLC Purchased: None There is just something so perfectly nostalgic about LEGO. You never really grow out of playing with them, building castles, ships, or giant dinosaurs. When LEGO first gave us LEGO Star Wars, I wonder if they thought it would become …

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