Fable 3

Status: Finished Fable 3 once and then it all went to hell
Achievements: 46 of 60
Gamerscore: 910/1250
DLC Purchased: nada

I thought that with time I’d be able to finally write about Fable 3. Hope that the memories of what happened to me that fateful afternoon burned in my chest for months, but now I know and have come to accept that this will never be.

Lionhead and Microsoft’s push to get the game out on time meant that too many glitches were overlooked or right out ignored. Even the Day One patch barely fixed the major issues Fable 3 suffered. There were pop up and weird texture problems, characters getting stuck in places they shouldn’t, and difficulties connecting with other Heroes over Xbox LIVE. Things that shouldn’t happen but frequently do in the game industry these days with it’s heavy reliance on digital distribution.

And then there were the game breaking problems like the major FUBAR that happened to me and led me to making this poor quality YouTube post that to this day still gets comments. When my game froze during an attempt to connect to a friend’s game during the middle of an autosave that I couldn’t keep from happening, it corrupted the one and only save file the game allowed me to have. The result: my Hero Queen was stripped of all her clothing and items and forcibly changed into a man with only a lightning spell for protection. It’s ridiculous for games in this day and age to limit the player to a single save file. Instances like this can be avoided if developers stopped restricting us, especially when most games offer multiple save slots per character/game.

I ranted about all of this before and promptly traded in the game. Hell, my husband barely touched it and when he heard what transpired with my character he was all for getting rid of it before it broke one of our systems somehow. (Not like we know if it would have actually screwed up either 360 but we weren’t going to risk it.)

So here I am, months and months later, and the mere thought of Fable 3 is enough to get my blood boiling. But for the sake of keeping up my library of played games, I am adding this blurb to my site.

And holding true to my boycott of all things Lionhead.

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