My Dress-Up

Status: Traded in ASAP

It seems no matter where you go nowadays there are several different lines of “Girlz” games – titles slapped together for the 10 to 14 year old Tween crowd.

My Dress-Up joins the Fashion Designer games of the growing DS library. In this game, girls create an avatar of themselves, create various outfits which they can save in themed closets and change in and out of when they feel like it. There are over 100 shades you can use to help your friends look superbly fashionable and a wide selection of pieces to mix and match. They can also accept challenges from their friends and put together outfits suitable to the activity they are going on. When you finish a challenge, new clothing styles will be unlocked and added to your selections. Challenges are accessed by selecting “Messages” from the main screen. Not all messages will ask you to create an outfit. As you help your friends out, they will come to you again and again for more wardrobe advice.

Girls are also encouraged to design their own tops with the Top Designer. In this section of the game you can select from one of four simple shirts, colour them in one basic shade, and then lay a two-toned graphic on top. After you create your top, you can add it to a collection and dress your avatar in it.

Finally, if you have friends with the game, you can link up and have some multi-card fun. Host a Dress-Up party, chat wirelessly, and transfer outfits to your friend’s wardrobe. You can also link up with friends that have either My Make Up or My Secret Diary and chat.

Controls are very simplistic and easy to grasp. While there isn’t a lot of substance to the game, it could be enjoyable for younger girls and their friends to play at a birthday or slumber party as a group.

Reviewed for GamingAngels – Nov 21, 2009

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