Samurai High School

Let’s face it. A lot of us weren’t always the best students. We daydreamed in class, sometimes forgot to study for an exam or scrambled the night before to get our homework assignments finished. This is the story of one such boy. A senior high school student with poor grades and no real post-secondary plan, Kotaro Mochizuki (Miura Haruma, Gokusen 3 and 14sai no Haha) finds himself given a history assignment during one of his escapades in math class. After sleep-talking in class about samurai, his sensei tells him to write a report. Kotaro visits a strange library where the woman historian hands him a book about a samurai general from over 400 years ago. Kotaro is the same age and shares the same name as the general in the book, and has a sort of flashback. Kotaro’s father mentions that they could be descendants of the general in that book.

When Tsuyoshi (Shirota Yu, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), one of Kotaro’s classmates, is being bullied into stealing by a group of kogals, Kotaro tries to approach them but is too afraid. Suddenly, his samurai ancestor takes over his body, fighting off the girls’ henchmen, talking of justice. Tsuyoshi soon becomes one of Kotaro’s closest friends, along with Ai Nagasawa (model and actress Anne), his childhood friend the one thing that can transform Kotaro back to his normal self.

Little by little, Kotaro’s outlook on life changes as the samurai helps him become a better person. He slowly becomes a bit more serious about his plans after he graduates, confidence in standing up to those who had little faith in him and showing compassion for others he may have passed over before.

However, Kotaro cannot control when the samurai appears and he does not know how to get rid of him. He must keep the truth behind his sudden bursts of confidence and his strange samurai way of speaking a secret unless the samurai disappears before completing his task, taking Kotaro with him.

Original Air Dates: Oct 17 to Dec 12, 2009
Number of Episodes: 9 episodes
Genre: High School Comedy
Broadcast Network: NTV

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