December 29, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

Lei Fang, a strong yet feminine fighter

We all have them. One or two games on our shelves or hidden within a Steam collection that others would make fun of us for owning. I for one have poked fun at people buying games that probably never should have been made in the first place. Or ridiculed near thirty year olds for playing Pokemon. They are an easy target. I just can’t help myself.

My first guilty pleasure was introduced into my life by someone I know who absolutely loves the Dreamcast. It was there that I was first introduced to the boob-defying physics of the Dead or Alive girls. I was not the best DOA player. I pretty much knew about five of Lei Fang’s moves, button mashing like hell. Fast forward to the Xbox. Team Ninja announced they were going to make a volleyball game featuring the girls from DOA. Even though I knew the game was geared toward guys who wanted to see hot video game girls in barely there bikinis, I got the game. (more…)

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