January 31, 2017

Lexy Cooper Mysteries

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The mystery genre boasts a plethora of themes, from the traditional Agatha Christie to a growing number of cat inspired novels. Yes, cat mysteries, a subgenre I am not too sure I want to venture into. In a very tiny corner of this category you will find the Lexy Cooper series, inspired by author Christa Charter’s time in the video game industry and written after leaving her position as Trixie360 with Xbox.

Lexy stumbles into detective work when a body is found at the Xenon campus in Redmond. Her family friend, “Uncle” Mike Malick, is an actual detective who is called in to head up the investigation and relies on her for information about her fellow Xenon co-workers and some of the behind the scenes inteLexy Cooper Triple Threatl on the video game industry. It’s clear from the start that Lexy is infinitely more interested in her moonlighting job than the one that forces her to wear skimpy outfits and act like a fool for internet hits.

One of the main draws for me is the exaggerated for entertainment’s sake behind-the-scenes look at the video game industry and its disgusting underbelly: the treatment of women in the workplace, trading sexual favours for swag and/or advancement. In the most recent installment, Glitched, tackled events similar to the Penny Arcade Dickwolves fiasco.

But Lexy is not Nancy Drew; she’s a little crass, not above some lewd behaviour to get what she needs for her department, and has a thing with a married co-worker. She’s not perfect, and these flaws make her relatable. Hell, it still gets on my nerves that she was having an affair, because, as someone who has been cheated on, I have an extremely low tolerance for cheaters. When you can write a character that can incite these types of emotions in me, you’ve done your job wonderfully.

Lexy Cooper also has a great supporting cast: her family, her cameraman Trent and assistant TJ, her co-host “Agent 54” Henry Frasier, Malick’s team featuring officers Yi and Rogers, to name a few. Hell, there’s even a character named after me in Griefedas a thanks for backing Christa’s IndieGoGo for Book 3. So maybe I am a little biased in writing this….

If I had to compare the Lexy Cooper mysteries to something written by a mainstream author, I’d have to say Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books are the closest. There’s sex, drinking, piles of unwashed laundry, colourful characters – all the makings of a fantastic read that will end all too quickly.

To learn more about the Lexy Cooper series, you can visit the official website or check out reviews of Christa’s books, all of which are available digitally or in print form from Amazon.

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April 9, 2014

Griefed by Christa Charter

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griefedcoverSMALLFull disclosure: There are spoilers here so if you care about those sorts of things, TURN BACK NOW!

I finished Pwned giddy over Lexy’s relationship with her Asgardian snow god/undercover DEA boyfriend. She was finally with a man that deserved and appreciated her love, something semi-stable considering their professions. Everything was coming up roses. (more…)

March 25, 2014

Pwned by Christa Charter

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pwnedcoversmall I should have written this months ago, before the follow up Griefed  landed in my lap. I am a horrible person, an awful internet friend, and the only excuse I have is I got sidetracked by life.

That said, I loved Pwned! Getting my hands on another Lexy Cooper mystery was fantastic and gave me a reason to finally put stuff on my hand-me-down Nook. When Lexy does her ex-boyfriend Nate a favour and checks in on a missing co-worker only to discover his body, she reaches out to our favourite homicide detective, Mike Malick, and once more we delve deep into the intrigue and shady business practices of the video game industry.  (more…)

January 22, 2014

I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa Claus by Christa Charter

LexyKissingSantasmallThe night could have been much better for Lexy Cooper. Her snowboarder-slash-DEA boyfriend Ash was out of town on tour and her nemesis weaseled her way into the Xenon office Christmas party, making things extremely uncomfortable for Lexy. So when it’s discovered that the alpha build of Xenon’s new console – Aether – has gone missing, Lexy teams up with her “uncle” Detective Mike Malick to track down the culprits and retrieve the unit before details leak to the gaming press.

The action in Book 2.5 was well paced, Lexy’s outfit was appropriately super skimpy, and her stage performances…. Well, they are 100% Lexy. It was hard to contain my laughter as I read this in a very quiet waiting room. I most definitely enjoyed this fun little short story bridging the events of Pwned with the soon to be released third installment of the Lexy Cooper series entitled Griefed (due Feb 2014).

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