February 2, 2016

Goals for February 2016

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Happy Leap Year

It’s a Leap Year! Hurray for an extra day!!

In an effort to set small yet achievable monthly goals in order to help motivate me, at the beginning of each month I’m going to share those goals and update them as I a) knock them out, or b) hit the end of the month.¬†February seems to be a slow new release game month for me (I’m probably going to pick up Unravel, but I might not grab it until the end of the month). My hope is to get at least 2 backlog games cleaned out before my FE Fates CE comes in. (more…)

May 1, 2015

Project Backlog Spring 2015 Update

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I realized it’s been quite some time since I last updated the growing list of my backlog games I have sitting on our game rack (or piled around it since we ran out of space). This is an updated list of current games I really need to get my act together and play, instead of starting a New Game+ with Persona Q.

Playstation 4

  • Disney Infinity 2.0
  • Evolve
  • inFamous 2
  • Watch Dogs


June 28, 2013

Project Backlog – Summer 2013 Update #1


So, I had all these great plans for June and July. I was going to power through at least 2 games a month to whittle down my backlog. Sounds good, right? Productive, too. Well….

Animal Crossing happened.

I had started Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask which had been sitting on my nightstand since it launched and was neglected when I actually got my 3DS XL at Valentine’s Day because I was addicted to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I was about 10 hours in when I caved in and bought Animal Crossing New Leaf. The majority of my gaming friends were talking about how awesome it was and I kind of sort of missed the building/collecting/visiting neighbours style of game that Sims Social & SimCity Social (may they R.I.P.) provided me. I wanted to be social without it being Facebook social, if you know what I mean. (more…)

September 9, 2012

Project Backlog – The List

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Here is the current list of games in my backlog as of May 28th, 2013. This list will be updated on a semi-regular basis to reflect new additions and recent completions (or removals based on the fact that I got stuck and gave up). (more…)

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