January 31, 2017

Tearaway Unfolded Review

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After hours spent with atoi exploring every nook and cranny of Valleyfold and Sogport, I decided to do it all again. The Playstation 4 version wouldn’t be exactly the same as the original Vita game, so I was looking forward to surprises and new papercraft patterns to work with in the Crafted Edition.

With scraps flooding the papercrafted landscape, I resumed my You-ness as the face in the Hole in the Sky. (Note: The Playstation Camera is required if you want to see your face inside the Sun.)


The scraps have covered the land with their newsprint and destruction. Using all the tricks at atoi’s disposal, as the “You” you will guide her (or iota) and help her defeat them and thwart their nefarious schemes. In-between collecting confetti and whipping out my camera in search of blank objects to bring colour to, there were familiar faces in need of my expertise. Fun little side-quests taking specific photos or dunking hoops to open up special blue gift boxes filled to the brim with more confetti. More confetti equals more graffiti and lens unlocked!

Tearaway’s story had a few tweaks that differed from the Vita, with scraps infesting my TV and console at points, which was cute, but overall this version didn’t have that same feeling of intimacy the Vita version did. The platforming fun is still there, but unfortunately some areas suffered from bad camera angles that made me put down the controller for a while before going back.


Since the Dual Shock doesn’t have the same capabilities as the Vita, there are some major differences that all center around the central Touch Pad. Using it for bouncing the drums, creating wind, and throwing items tossed to you from your Messenger make sense. The downside is trying to craft items with that tiny little pad.

Thankfully, Media Molecule had the smarts to utilize the Playstation Companion App’s second screen function. Any request from one of the locals for me to make them a crown or create an object like a snowflake for the environment had me whipping out my phone to connect and use the in-game cutting mat. Nothing I made was super fantastic because I’m not an artist, but drawing with my finger on my phone’s screen meant my stuff at least looked decent.


Tearaway Unfolded Crafted Edition also featured special papercraft from other Playstation franchises: the Oroboros symbol from The Order 1886 and the cape from Journey, to name a couple, and came with a downloadable game soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a new platformer and overlooked Tearaway when it came out on the Vita, I do recommend you give it a try sometime. A game world built out of paper is unique and definitely something you should experience at least once.

*This review was previously published on The Daily Crate.

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack

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Have I mentioned how much I love LEGO games? I’m pretty sure I have, but in case you missed it, I LOVE THIS FRANCHISE! LEGO Dimensions has taken all the best parts of LEGO games and given us building sets which are so much better than pre-built toys that can’t be manipulated. And yesterday, Doctor Who joined the team.

Whovians rejoice!


After arguing over which of us got to build which characters (I only got to build K-9 in exchange for building the traditional set that comes out December 1st), the husband and I sat down to play through a Dalek-based adventure level with the 12th Doctor. Wyldstyle was his Companion for the majority of this level, using Bad Cop as needed. We explored Past, Present, and Future versions of London, with a quick stopover at Trenzalore. Silence and Weeping Angels made cameo appearances. We squeed with glee the entire time.


Once we cleared the adventure level, we landed in the Doctor Who sandbox. If I thought the Back to the Future open world was big, well, I just got schooled. Using the discombobulators, we traveled from 21st century London to Skaro, Trenzalore, and other areas which can be connected to the main chunk of London. Each of these areas has hidden Gold Bricks and at least one character quest.


Some of my favourite Doctor Who minor Companions are wandering about the world. The first one I found was Osgood, lurking near the original discombobulator. Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are all here (and I still haven’t figured out how to do Vastra’s quest yet). But the one who pops up all over the place, which means you know she’s up to something, is Missy. With all the voices provided by the original cast members, everything just feels so magical.

It took us a minute to figure out how to unlock the previous Doctors, but once the husband decided to try falling off the map, we had it! With every regeneration, simply go inside the TARDIS and check out the interiors based on their own TARDISes. That seemed to do the trick, and he spent a good 10 or 15 minutes going through this process. Also, there is a great little Easter Egg with the War Doctor for you to check out.


(Other LEGO Dimensions sets out in Wave 2: Unikitty Fun Pack, Simpsons Bart Fun Pack, Simpsons Krusty Fun Pack, and Ninjago Team pack featuring Kai & Cole. We’ve picked up the Unikitty one, and will most likely get the two Simpsons packs soon.)

January cannot come soon enough, as Wave 3 brings us a Dalek and Cyberman to add to the collection. My fingers are crossed that a potential future set includes River Song and a Weeping Angel, mostly because I want to hear her call Twelve “Sweetie” and hear his responses, preferably ones referencing his eyebrows. (Christmas special, I’m looking forward to so much of this!) And a Weeping Angel because they are one of my favourite WhoVillians.

Now back to your irregularly scheduled Timey Wimey Stuff!

*This review was previously posted on The Daily Crate.

Republique PS4 Review

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Some people believe episodic content can’t hold up to a typical AAA release, or that the only great episodic stuff comes from TellTale Games. Camoflaj’s Kickstarter project Republique proves that other studios can use the model to create original content not based on an existing franchise that is just as thought provoking as the original BioShock or BioShock Infinity.


Republique is the story of Hope, a Pre-Cal (designation 390-H) living inside the totalitarian fortress known as Metamorphosis and ruled by Headmaster Treglazov, a man who shields his Pre-Cal children from free thinking and notions of seeing the world beyond. Someone has been infecting the young inhabitants with tainted copies of Treglazov’s Republique manifesto, and when Hope is confronted about the copy found in her possession, she finds an unknown benefactor assisting her escape through a cellphone smuggled into her room and the cameras that keep a watchful eye over the inhabitants of Metamorphosis.


This game is a successful marriage of point-and-click inspired discovery and stealth gaming. Using OMNI view, you can scout ahead, observing the movements of the Prizrak patrolling the corridors which helps you plot the best course for Hope. There are containers that can be unlocked or searched to provide her with weapons and hiding spots (like behind the potted plant above) that give her just the right amount of cover when there are long stretches of hallway to traverse. But you must always keep an eye on your battery life; certain doors, activating distractions and deactivating scanners will cause it to drain, meaning you’ll want to be on the look out for confinement rooms which offer charging stations. I’ve often found myself scanning as far ahead with the cameras as my signal will allow and unlocking containers while in these rooms so I can immediately recharge Hope’s phone.

Hope can earn credits by scanning posters, reading newspapers, and other actions which can be spent using the computer banks inside confinement rooms. There are several new programs you can purchase for your OMNI view, letting you read emails and listen to voice recordings, thus opening up more background and earning more credits. And the more tools you have at your disposal to aid Hope’s quest for freedom the better.


Also laying about Metamorphosis are copies of banned books and cassette tapes from a disgraced former occupant (voiced by the wonderful David Hayter) that can be listened to when you locate a cassette player. The Headmaster makes no apologies for burning books (one of which is Fahrenheit 451), and has much to say about these books when you select them from Hope’s inventory screen. His hopes of creating a world in which he rules through ignorance and manipulation are revealed through these thoughts and speeches.

Another fun collectible in Republique are the video game floppy discs you can pickpocket from some of the Prizrak guards. Several of these are nods to successful indie games, like Shovel Knight and Gone Home, two games sitting in my backlog.


With the primary focus of this game leaning towards stealth, options for self-defense when caught are severely limited. Canisters of pepper spray and tasers can be acquired and used against Prizrak but you need to be aware of the types of armour they wear. You’ll mostly see two types of guards (all of whom are named after Kickstarter backers); those in a regular uniform that may or may not include a facial guarded helmet, and tougher Prizrak in ARC gear which protects them from electrical weaponry. If you do get caught, the guards will bring you to a confinement room and remove non-collectible items, leaving you with empty pockets.

Stealthy puzzlers have long held a place in my heart (I’m looking at you, Resident Evil franchise), so while the real push to keep to stealth with little ability to defend myself against the Prizrak has me on my toes, each episode has forced me to take an extended break between them. Plotting my way through each episode mentally drained me, so when I put down the controller after the credit rolls for each, I needed all kinds of distractions to help me recharge.

All five episodes of Republique are available for purchase digitally on for mobile devices, PC, with the PS4 also getting a collective retail release on March 22nd, 2016. If you love games that challenge you to run start to finish without ever being seen, I strongly urge you to give Republique a chance.

*This review was previously published on The Daily Crate.

DOA Xtreme 3 Fortune Review

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You know that old Cyndi Lauper song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? The way it gives you a ridiculous smile and overall warm fuzzy feels? That’s how I feel every time I load up DOA Xtreme 3 Fortune. I’m about to have a fun, lighthearted time playing silly beach games and collecting bathing suits.

And there is not a damn thing wrong with my feels.


It’s back to Zack Island for 14 day long vacations, where the goal is to partner up and push for that 100% complete collection with each of the 9 DOA women who made the cut. I’m really missing Leifang and Tina right now, and while I can see why Marie Rose topped the polls, I find her to be the most difficult partner so far and am leaving her vacation for last. If only voting had been open outside of the Japanese Playstation Store! Things probably would have been a lot different in that case.

I still believe that at its core DOAX3 is a volleyball game, which is why I’m going to talk about that first. As with previous installments, matches are won once hit 7 points (or a 2 point lead up to 10 points). Technique points can be earned for perfect serves, spikes, and knock-downs once you’ve reached good standing with your partner, and even if you lose you won’t walk away completely empty-handed. Momiji and Kokoro are probably my two favourites at the moment, as I feel both are strong all-around players. As you cycle through each character and test out different partners for each, you’ll find some are better closer to the net than others, some have more powerful punches for long volleys and others are great for defense and spiking.


There are other activities you can do on the island. Solo, there’s rock climbing at Tranquil Beach. In this mini-game, the PS buttons appear on screen like a quick-time event and if you push the button fast enough you will move more quickly and receive a cash bonus. On either of the beaches that offer volleyball, you can also play beach flags. This one is a button masher, as you need to outrun your opponent and then dive for the flag.

Over at the pool you’ll find Pool Hopping (my personal favourite), Tug-of-War, and Butt Battle. You can pool hop on your own, but it’s so much more fun when you compete against someone. The other two are OK, but I tend to only play them when it’s required for a mission. A nice bonus if you are a fan of either of those mini-games is that bikinis will take damage when you are knocked into the water if you have the Fortune version of DOAX3.


Another thing that I am in love with is the tanning system in DOAX3 Fortune. Exposure to the sun will naturally tan your skin, which you can hurry along with suntan lotion or try to stop with sunscreen. I haven’t experimented with either of those as I love changing from higher coverage swimsuits to some of the more revealing ones and then watching as those tan lines start to fade away. I wish I knew why I loved watching this happen, but I really can’t give you a reason. Besides, does a person really need to have a solid reason for liking things?

The casino is back but the absence of Rio has left a major hole in my heart. What’s a casino without a dealer, anyway? I think DOA Paradise ultimately spoiled me. Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette are the three games available to play in the casino. Slot machines are gone, another change that I don’t know I was ready for, but I’m still pretty decent at blackjack and poker.


DOAX3 has two modes: Girl Mode, which is where you control the girl you’ve selected and earn money for them to spend, and then Owner Mode. In Owner Mode, Zack gives you missions to perform in exchange for cash the owner can spend on the girls. Sometimes the missions are super easy, eat/drink an item in Girl Mode, Play and/or Win X many volleyball games. Other times they are a pain in my butt, like when your challenged to gift a specific bikini from the owner shop to one of the girls and have her accept it. The girls need time to warm up to you, so if you haven’t been playing with them for long it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to have them accept stuff they dislike. But as you complete these missions and increase your Owner Level, you’ll unlock new items for the girls’ collections.


Some people look at the DOA volleyball games and immediately dismiss any ideas that there might be any level of fun to these games. I pity the fools. If you are so incapable of looking past the cosmetic, so insecure in who you are to feel threatened by a group of women playing beach games as so many people do in real life, then I suggest maybe other things in your life deserve more attention than turning to the internet to bash on what I and several like-minded women find to be an enjoyable way to de-stress.

Unfortunately, the only way you can get your hands on DOAX3 is to import yourself a copy. Fortune is the PS4 version, Venus its PS Vita counterpart. If your Japanese is strong, you won’t need to go the multi-language Asian (HK/Taiwan/Singapore) version route the way I and so many others have. There are differences between these; tanning and bikini damage is exclusive to the PS4 version, where you can use the touch screen on the Vita to manipulate the swimsuits to a degree. My review coverage is based purely on Fortune as I have not yet picked up Venus. 

As much as I would love to stick around, I really need to update my swimsuit & Zack of All Trades collection spreadsheets. There are so many more bathing suits I need to get my hands on (I’m coming for you, Cu Sith!!!) and I can’t afford them if I’m not playing. 😉

*This review was previously published on The Daily Crate.

The Tomorrow Children Review

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The Tomorrow Children has been on my radar since its 2014 announcement. As a huge fan of Q-Games’ PixelJunk series, there was never any doubt that I’d be supporting this title. I was also lucky enough to participate in both the Alpha (barely) and the Beta (a lot). The Tomorrow Children: Founder’s Pack dropped on September 6th and was purchased immediately.


What is The Tomorrow Children?

TomoChiru is a unique title. It blends community building with resource mining and throws in a splash of tower defense to create a Soviet-esque sandbox. You are a Projection Clone, tasked with working together in hopes of rebuilding mankind. The game draws on communist ideals like uniformity and equality, and pushes you to work cooperatively for the good of all. The policemen in your town all look the same, and the villagers you rescue from The Void are either old women or young boys. The only way to distinguish your female Projection Clone from your Comrades is to change your outfit, and some of these also come with game play perks.

Your goal is to repopulate towns to their max capacity (currently 500 inhabitants). Once you’ve done so, it’s time to move onto the next town. Just like the Littlest Hobo.


How Do You “Play” The Tomorrow Children?

So you’ve run through the tutorial and learned how to use your pickaxe. Now what? It might seem like a sensory overload when you arrive at your first town. Do you head out to an island first and mine for resources? Or is the town under attack by one of the various Izverg that inhabit The Void? It’s OK to stop and take a look around before diving head first into a task.

I like to start my time in a new town by checking out what the resource situation is like. Is there a huge pile of mined goods waiting by the bus stop to be put into storage? Then I’ll probably start there. If not, how is the power level? If it’s low I’ll jog on one of the treadmills for a while to bump us up a bit. Maybe there’s a building on fire that needs repair before its completely destroyed.


Once I’m done with that initial surveillance I’ll run over to the Union Shop and pick up as many supplies as I can carry to make mining go by smoothly. If I’ve got the Ration Coupons, I’ll take a pickaxe and chainsaw so I can do the basics: mine ore/gold and cut down trees. Shovels are great for making stairways, but until I open up more pack slots I don’t usually carry one. I am partial to hauling a shotgun around in case those tiny little mosquito-like Izverg are flying around.

While you’re spelunking, you might come across some colourful Matryoshka dolls. These are your future town residents, so long as you have built enough residencies for them. These little guys are fragile though, so be careful with them. If it falls too far or is in the path of an Izverg attack, they will shatter and cannot be fixed.


Now you want to take a break from mining and maybe make some improvements to your town. Fantastic!! Head over to the People’s Workbench and choose something productive to build. There are three areas you want to develop: Propaganda, Technology, and Culture. By building things that enhance each of these areas you will increase its level and earn perks for your town as a result. These can be things like reduced production costs or better consumption rates. Building is done by completing sliding puzzles, ranging from simple to hard, and will cost some resources.

Defending your town from Izverg attacks is important. In the Alpha and Beta we only had turrets available to build around the perimeter. These are great, but the Tesla Towers that are part of the final release are by far my favourite defense. These towers zap any enemy that comes within range, which is a big help if all comrades currently playing are mining out an island.


How Do I Buy Stuff?

Every action you perform is tallied up for you and in return you will earn the in-game currency known as Ration Coupons. Whenever you find yourself running low, or just every couple of hours or so, you can head over to the Ministry of Labour and see just how productive you’ve been. Ration Coupons are what you’ll be using to buy items from the shop kiosks built in town.

There is a paid currency option as well. Since The Tomorrow Children is going to be released as a Free to Play game, this is a typical addition to help support the game going forward. This paid currency is called Freeman Dollars and the only place where you can spend it is the Black Market. At the Black Market you’ll find more powerful tools, some cool costumes, and a variety of boosts. Because this is a PvE game with no PvP, purchasing Freeman Dollars isn’t Pay to Win or Pay to Play. Choosing to buy the EagleCorp Chainsaw means I can run to the island covered in trees and practically clear it out when the town is desperately in need of wood.

Keep your eyes on the ground for bonus Ration Coupons and Freeman Dollars. Sometimes when you perform good deeds they will generate on the ground near you. Free money!


Finally, completing Requests will earn you medals that can be redeemed in VoidKa machines. The first one I bought was the one that gave me another slot in my main pouch for carrying tools. Look, I like to be able to carry as much as possible and I will always vote for the Mayor who promises me an extra resource pouch slot. And I will spend my Freeman Dollars on as many Secret Pockets as I can, although I have been eyeballing a couple of those Black Market costumes…..

So if community building in The Tomorrow Children sounds like a nice chill way to relax without shooting hordes of zombies, you can pick up the Founder’s Pack right now which comes with a nice handful of perks. Hopefully I run across you somewhere out there in The Void, Comrades!

*This post was previously published on The Daily Crate.

World of Final Fantasy Review

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Full disclaimer: After being incredibly disappointed in Final Fantasy XIII I was turned off from the franchise as a whole. I still love and will always love IX which is my all-time favorite, followed by XIII. I thought I might never find myself exploring a new game in the series, and then they showed me a world inhabited by the most adorable chibis. I was in love all over again.


Twins Lann and Reynn find their lives interrupted one day by the enigmatic Enna Kros. The land of Grymoire is in trouble, their absentee mother in danger, and it is time for the twins to get out there and save the day. Apparently the siblings have forgotten much because Enna “reminds” them that they are Mirage Masters, people with the ability to capture and use Mirage enemies in battle. They leave the comfort of Nine Wood Hills and with floating fluffball Tama for guidance, they begin their journey through Grymoire.

World of Final Fantasy follows the traditional FF formula: story happens, you travel to a region/dungeon, fight boss, move onto the next chunk of story. There are also side quests to take part in, whether they be the traditional fetch/fight ones acquired from civilians about town or the new Intervention quests obtained from the mysterious girl in the Tearoom.


Let’s discuss the Girl Who Forgot Her Name. She resides in a unique space between time accessed through a doorway located in Nine Wood Hills. Using the Arma Gems you gain from winning boss battles, you can choose to take part in Interventions or purchase Champion medals. During Interventions, Lann and Reynn “take over” for Champions who find themselves in rather dangerous situations, essentially battling on their behalf. One of my personal favourite Interventions is purely cinematic and involves a certain Black Mage that I have loved since the day I met him.

Champion medals are one of the new gameplay mechanics introduced in World of Final Fantasy. They are similar to Summons from previous installments; once you fill your meter with enough stars, using a medal calls a Champion into battle, performing their signature move to grant you varying bonuses. Most medals require one or two stars (your meter maxes at three) and you can set three active medals at a time. I’m a fan of Tifa’s Final Heaven for doing some damage and keeping Refia’s medal on hand to heal me up if I’ve dipped into the red and plagued with status effects. If you picked up the Day One, Collector’s or Limited editions, you’ll find yourself with a bonus Sephiroth medal which will make FFVII fans happy.


But the biggest mechanic here is capturing and using Mirages as you fight your way through dungeons and boss battles. Lann and Reynn are Mirage Masters, and as such can capture Mirages during battle and then use them to fight. Capturing Mirages is as simple as meeting the requirements to do so. Use your Libra ability to scan the enemy and if you’ve got the skills or battle items on hand you are in business. Sometimes you’ll need to perform the action two or three times, especially later on in the game, but keep at it! You’ll also find yourself running back to previous areas once you have new spells under your belt to add Mirages to your collection.

Combining these Mirages into Stacks with your Jiant (normal) and Lilkin (tiny chibi) versions is how you’ll form powerful teams to get you moving through each new area. In Jiant form you’ll have a Small and a Medium atop your noggin, whereas in Lilkin form you’re the Medium member of the stack, with the ability to put a Small on your head while you ride a Large. There are also XL Mirages that you can call into battle and have special rules of their own. Stacking smart can also increase the power of your elemental attacks, so if you find yourself slogging through a fiery area, doubling up on Water Mirages in Reynn or Lann’s stacks will boost their simple Water attacks to Watera or higher.


Mirages power up by unlocking abilities on their grids. Some Mirages can evolve into other variations, so make sure you experiment and regularly yoink and plonk them to and from Seraphie’s case. So long as they are in your party they will gain experience and ability points. As an example, my adorable Cactuar (S) named Pokey can be transformed into a Cactrot (L). Every passive ability (HP+, Agility+, etc) stacks between the transformations, making him stronger and boosting the HP of our stack. Active abilities are locked to whatever form he’s in, so I often find myself switching between his Small and Large forms depending on what I need. Some Mirages will need special mementos in order to transform which can be obtained by fighting special bosses along and off the main story path.


Between Mirage hunting and running into familiar faces from throughout the Final Fantasy franchise, I’ve been having a blast with World of Final Fantasy. It might not be quite as in-depth and lacking some of the more mature overtones much of the core series stories contain and that’s okay. You can tell Square Enix is hoping that this adventure will appeal to younger and new fans and bring them into the fold. If you’re big into Pokemon and Yo-kai Watch, think about taking World of Final Fantasy for a spin.

*This post was previously published on The Daily Crate

LEGO Dimensions Year 2 Level Packs

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With Christmas right around the corner, some of you are probably trying to decide whether or not the LEGO Dimensions Year 2 offerings are worth putting under the tree. I’ll break it down for you, as I cover the new Level Packs for Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time, and Mission: Impossible that were released in Waves 6 & 7 as attempted in co-op mode.


Sonic the Hedgehog

My husband and I have both been gamers for as long as we can remember, and both of us have fond memories of playing Sonic the Hedgehog from way, way back. Sonic needs to keep Dr. Eggman from getting his hands on the Chaos Emeralds, and our quest to do so begins in the iconic Green Hill Zone. This first area of the level pack had us zipping around in loop de loops and I experienced a couple of weird glitches that I thought might be a nod to the past. Correcting the issue was usually accomplished by removing and returning my character to the portal or waiting for my husband to reach the next checkpoint.

And then the level became extremely difficult to play with the split screen.

Every time we reached a battle with Eggman it because impossible to accurately locate and target him with both of us on screen. So I would remove my minifig and let the husband tackle him alone. Another area that reminded me of the Sky Base Zone was okay to play when we were both climbing through the tower together, but “broke” when only one of us hopped in a plane to shoot at Eggman. I stayed in the tower to keep advancing and unlocking puzzles along the way, which was a bad move. The game crashed on us here, and when we reloaded and tried it again Eggman vanished and we were stuck. I checked a walkthrough to see how others had proceeded and then the game crashed again. So I kept myself off the board, the husband got through the area, and I watched while he finished the level and unlocked Super Sonic.

I’m really hoping the Sonic level gets an update to fix the glitches and crashing issues we experienced. While I am disappointed this level didn’t truly support two player mode the way every other one has so far, I will eventually go back and replay it completely on my own later down the road.


Adventure Time

Since the Adventure Time Level and Team Packs came out with Wave 6 I have almost exclusively been using Lumpy Space Princess. LSP has the best lines and even though I’ve heard them a thousand times I’m still laughing. Her unique interactions with other characters from outside the Adventure Time universe are also fantastic and I look forward to eventually hearing every single one of them.

The Level Pack is based on Season 1’s fifth episode “The Enchiridion!”, in which Finn and Jake are tasked with finding the legendary book to prove they are righteous heroes. You’ll play through the episode, battling your way past those pesky gnomes, the ogre, and ultimately defeating the evil entity voiced by Mark Hamill. We had zero issues this time around. No weird problems with the boss “disappearing” from the smaller field of vision in splitscreen mode, which was such a relief.

I haven’t fully explored the open World of Ooo, but I did run across Lumpy Space Princess’ camp complete with a can of beans over a firepit. It was slightly disappointing that she had nothing to say when I floated her past it, but hey, you can’t fit in every reference, right? I’m hoping to spot some more fun Easter Eggs when I go back to collect the remaining bricks. Definitely in love with this LEGO add-on.


Mission: Impossible

The last of the Level Packs, Mission: Impossible is definitely geared more toward the older gamer but kids should still enjoy this one. Based on the original Tom Cruise movie from 1996, you’ll primarily use Ethan Hunt to create explosions, slip on disguises, and control your drone to progress through the story. The entire level is voiced over using clips from the movie(s) which is OK but at times seem a little muffled or statical. But no one was really expecting Tom Cruise to record a fresh voice over.

The Mission: Impossible level might not stand out as much as I’d hoped but at least it wasn’t plagued with the glitches and crashes we got with the Sonic Level Pack. That alone puts it in second place of my personal ranking this go around. I am looking forward to seeing how and where Ethan Hunt’s particular set of skills pop up throughout new locales in other Year 2 chapters.

Overall, LEGO Dimensions’ Year 2 offerings have been great additions to the line-up, with several of the Year 2 characters making cameos in each of the new Level Packs that we’ve played. I’m super excited to see what new Level Packs are on the horizon (fingers crossed for Teen Titans and Beetlejuice!) and can’t wait to explore more new areas in the Shard. Look for more hands-on reviews as they fall into my… hands.

*This review was previously published on The Daily Crate.

Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC

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Remember last week when Bethesda announced at their E3 presser that we were getting new Fallout 4 DLC starting this month with the Contraptions Workshop? They showed us elevators and sorting machinery, and I’m pretty sure there was a version of the classic board game Mousetrap shown off in the preview video.

They had me at weapon and armor displays.

Wasteland Workshop was pretty meh. I didn’t care about catching monsters from the Wasteland and pitting them against one another. I built three cages on Spectacle Island and domesticated one mutant hound (who has since died in a firefight with a band of pesky mutants). But give me the chance to make my own 2mm electromagnetic cartridges for my gauss rifles so I don’t have to visit every shop in the Commonwealth to buy the stuff? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU! 


Since most of my settlements are nearly built out, Spectacle Island was the best place to start my small manufacturing empire as it offers you the largest canvas to work with. I started out by building a warehouse from the Structures option. I gave it glass windows all the way up so the sun could illuminate it whenever I stopped by to fill the machines with supplies. The ammo machine was a no-brainer. But once it was built I discovered I lacked the components needs to create my ammo, so I built a builder machine to make “stuff”. “Stuff” being things like lunch boxes and Giddy Up horseys, things that you can sell for caps if you’re in a tight spot. I loaded it up with a bunch of steel and started pumping out Vault-Tec lunch boxes. Then I went shopping for 2mm EC parts: lead, oil, fertilizer, and copper. Once acquired, it was as simple as loading up the machine and telling the terminal to get cracking.

Now that I had an understanding of how manufacturing worked, it was time to visit Sanctuary Hills, my home base. I destroyed the crudely crafted warehouse I made out of crappy metal walls where I stored my various suits of power armor and rebuilt one using the Warehouse structure options. Using a mix of steel walls and the prefab slanted glass roof options, I created a new space to house my new power armor displays (13 suits and counting!) and my ridiculous accumulation of clothing and weapons. I slowly walked across the street from my house to the warehouse with my pockets at over 6000 carry weight and unloaded everything into two containers to sort through later. Then I thought to myself, “Hey, Annette, why not make some of those display mannequins in here, too?” My Silver Shroud, Mechanist, and Grognak costumes are now available to view. I wish I could charge an entry fee to my growing museum.


The weapon racks are cool but a little bit of a let-down, only in so much as I thought I could place multiple weapons on a large rack but only a single weapon type can be placed on each style. But weapon racks are a great way to display the rare items I’ve collected on my travels, and it makes it faster for my storage trunk to load when I’m digging out stuff to give my settlers. Those pipe pistols do nothing against super mutants and robotic assailants, and since I have 70,000 or so caps, I may as well strengthen their defensive positions.


After tinkering with my new displays, it was time to complete the last trophy/achievement for the Contraptions Workshop DLC: assigning someone to the pillory. I had spent a few hours running around my settlements, making fixes to the ones that had been attacked. But Warwick Homestead decided it suddenly wasn’t happy and I was itching to make an example of one of my settlements, so some poor unassigned settler got thrown into the first pillory I built. Everyone else had gone to bed so I’m hoping that when I go back to the game he’s either dead or covered in rotten food. Then we’ll see if they decide to be happier.


So if you’re into building intricately awesome settlements or just want to create a Fallout-esque Willy Wonka factory, the Contraptions Workshop is where it’s at. At least until the Vault-Tec Workshop comes out and we all start creating elaborate tunnels below the Earth’s crust. Mmmmm, crust.

*This post was previously published on The Daily Crate.

January 21, 2016

The Tomorrow Children Beta

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The day I have been waiting for since August is finally here!!! The Tomorrow Children beta starts today, and I was lucky enough to receive a beta code. Which means that for the next couple of days I will have the pleasure of experiencing all the new areas of the game, checking out the tweaks, and striving to be the best Citizen I can be.

If you’d like to join me, why not catch my Twitch streams? You can follow me (YukiNoKokoro) or just load up this page and watch below. I’ll make sure to archive and back my streams up to YouTube. I’ll try to get my streams going by 2PM Eastern on Friday and 7PM on Saturday, Jan 22 & 23. If you follow me on Twitter or Twitch, you’ll know as soon as I go live.

Watch live video from YukiNoKokoro on www.twitch.tv

December 28, 2015

Persona Q 3DS Review

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PQ P4 Leader

I took far too long to finish Persona Q. Not because I didn’t enjoy the P3/P4 crossover game, because I really did, even when I was stuck on a dungeon floor for three days figuring out the FOE pattern. There’s just something about Persona and JRPG games that makes me want to sink a ridiculous amount of time into them. I literally spent three weeks worth of evenings grinding my characters into the 90 levels and fusing new Personas to push my compendium completion to 90%.

I know. I have a problem. (more…)

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