Once a reporter at one of the best newspapers in Japan, Narumi Ryoko now works for a third rate tabloid newspaper with a bad reputation. But Ryoko doesn’t plan on writing trash. When an anonymous fax comes to the Untouchable Weekly office, Ryoko sees this as an opportunity to get back in the game and reclaim her former position. The fax is but the first step as Ryoko discovers there is someone pulling the strings behind some of the largest scams, schemes and murders in Japan.

As Ryoko digs further and pursues each new lead from Anonymous, she learns that her past is tied to the events happening around her. She questions those around her, not sure who she can trust. Co-workers are being attacked or act suspiciously in her presence. Her new boss edits her articles to cut out any reference to a sinister hand behind the stories she cracks. Will she find out who is manipulating Japan and put a stop to it, or will Untouchable be shut down before Ryoko gets the chance to shine once more?

Starring: Nakama Yukie, Sato Tomohito
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Episodes: 9
TV Station: TV Asahi
Air Dates: Oct 16, 2009 – Dec 18, 2009

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