Zombie Tycoon


Status: Zombies are still under my control, eating brains & tearing down buildings

In my opinion, you can never have too many video games with zombies. Usually, you are spending all your time shooting them in the head, severing their limbs and trying to figure out how to stop the outbreak from spreading. We spend all this time destroying them, but what about the people who create and control them?

Zombie Tycoon pits you as a budding ZEO (Zombie Executive Officer). You are given access to three zombie units with which you will terrorize the streets, destroying buildings and eating brains as you plan your global domination. Each of the game’s ten levels boasts a new map with various obstacles and items to collect. With the over 100 items, you can arm your zombie minions to the teeth, equipping them with items such as balloons to lift them over crevasses or gas masks to keep them safe from the toxic fumes people are defending certain buildings with. Capturing hospitals will give you tokens allowing you to increase the size of your respective armies. Each group can be controlled separately using the respective Square, Triangle or Circle buttons, or by using the X button to tell them all to attack the same target.

If you think it’s going to be easy to blast through, then you better be a strategy genius. Eventually the humans decide to fight back, as well as rebuilding hospitals giving them back control. You really need to keep on top of where your zombies are and make sure they aren’t being killed off by someone wielding a chainsaw while you have them attacking a building. You must have your squad near a hospital in order to use the tokens, and if a whole unit falls, you must find a token to revive them before you can build more of that particular group. Sometimes it is best to barrel through, while other times you should venture out a little, regroup, then move out a bit further.

For $8, Zombie Tycoon is well worth the money, as it provides great strategy and a healthy amount of game time.

Reviewed for GamingAngels – Dec 26, 2009

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