Gears of War 3

Status: Normal campaign complete, now playing on Insane
Achievements: 28 of 50
Gamerscore: 335/1000
DLC Purchased: None

We picked up Gears of War 3 excited to see how the series would end and knowing it would be a great co-op experience for us. Hell, we even made sure we bought a second TV for the bedroom large enough for me to actually see what I was doing. Gears of War 2 had been one of the games Matt & I played together while I was still living in Canada, something to help bridge the 3000 mile gap, so there were strong feelings for the series there.

My other bit of excitement for the finale was that the author of the tie in novels, Karen Traviss, had written this final chapter in the Marcus and Dom saga. I’d had a rough start with her first book but soon enough found myself burning through all four leading up to Gears of War 3. I love it when a series comes to an end, and although there were some sad moments, I was generally pleased with how Gears of War 3 played out. I had invested a lot of time and money into the story, and having events turn out any other way might not have worked as well for me.

I was excited to be able to play as Anya and Bernie, but since I didn’t really touch the multiplayer portion of the game I only had a couple chances to use Anya. At this point I doubt I’ll ever go back to touch Horde mode, etc, since I would have to purchase all of the DLC in order to play (a MAJOR flaw I ran into with Gears of War 2 as well). I may pick up a GOTY version down the road with all of that packaged in, but in the meantime there are other games for me where I can be a female badass wielding guns larger than my body.

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