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Geek & Gaming Cross Stitchery 5 – Bioshock Infinite

Five minutes into Bioshock Infinite and I knew I had to make these. Five minutes in and I was conflicted – I wanted to play the game but the fact that there were cross stitch samplers decorating the iconic lighthouse had me thinking about my needles and thread.

So I kept my hands on the controller until I finished the game for the first time. But once that credit roll ended, I reached for my camera, restarted the game and snapped pictures for me to work with. My needlepoint kit was calling me and I just had to get started.

There are a total of four cross stitch samplers hanging in the lighthouse, the first one over a wash basin directly at the entrance to the tower. This one had a slightly different pattern to it only in the fact that the rose border had more of a gap between corners and no filler bits like the remaining three. I made the pattern for this one first and stitched it before working on the others.

As you can see my rose border is not as wide on the top and bottom as the one in the game, something that happened because I was so focused on stitching from the rose border pattern I found to make sure I got the petals and leaves correct. Because of this the gap in the text is a lot smaller than it should be. But upon looking at the pattern I made and the image from the game, if I were to widen it or add the extra detailing as shown in the in-game image it would be far too long. So I’m pretty happy with how it turned out now that I have finished stitching all 4 patterns. I am also offering a Version 2 of the sampler in which the border on all 4 patterns is the same.

Another thing I missed when stitching the first three was one of the leaves on the bottom right corner roses. I’ve gone back to correct that omission in the patterns as well as on my own finished product.

To download the PDFs for yourself, just right click the links below and Save As. The links will also open in a new tab. (Updated Aug 4, 2021)

Bioshock Infinite Sampler #1 – Of Thy Sins Version 1

Bioshock Infinite Sampler #1 – Of Thy Sins Version 2

Bioshock Infinite Sampler #2 – From Sodom

Bioshock Infinite Sampler #3 – To Thine Own Land

Bioshock Infinite Sampler #4 – In New Eden Soil

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