August 28, 2015

Until Dawn

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Until Dawn

It’s been an awful long time since Until Dawn was originally announced, and I’ve been stalking all news of this B minus teen slasher movie ever since. It came out this past Tuesday (sadly no midnight opening at my GameStop for Madden meant I had to wait until that night to pick it up) and over the course of two days I had completed my first playthrough.  (more…)

August 21, 2015

Fallout Shelter (Android) Review

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Mobile games aren’t really my jam. The most played app on my phone is a free version of solitaire. I’ve also got Tumblecaps Retro, a game made by a developer friend of mine that I play from time to time, and Game Dev Story, which I haven’t touched in forever. I refuse to download Plants vs Zombies 2 even though I love the series to pieces.

But Fallout Shelter…. Now, I know it’s just a silly building resource game, but when Bethesda announced it at their E3 presser, saying it was out on iPhones that day, I was crushed as an Android user. Just how long would it be until I could waste several hours a day and need to keep my phone plugged in? That day would be August 13, 2015 – my 35th birthday! (more…)

December 3, 2014

The Tomorrow Children Alpha – Hands On

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Town Hall upgrade

Watching game developer streams on Twitch pays off. After feeling bummed I didn’t get into the Tomorrow Children Alpha via the PlayStation sign up page, I was able to get a code the Thursday of the final alpha weekend. So for the last Friday & Saturday of the alpha I was glued to the game, no matter how many times I was asked to play Destiny.

The best way to describe Tomorrow Children after spending time in the alpha is to call it a sandbox cooperative world building simulation. Now, Dylan & the team at Q-Games might have a better genre classification than that, but that’s what I am going with until I find out what that is. In any case, the alpha starts up with this Soviet Russian era gentleman letting me know that the body I am inhabiting isn’t really my body and sends me off to work to rebuild the world. I’m hoping there will be more in the final version because while I know that this is all because an experiment went horribly wrong, I want to see the event happen. Or at least a video game friendly version. (more…)

August 5, 2014

Destiny: Alpha vs Beta

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Chilling at the Tower during the Beta

After being lucky enough to enjoy both the Alpha and Beta releases of Destiny (thank you, Bungie!!), I thought I would just share a few thoughts about both experiences. I’m not the most hardcore shooter fan, I stopped caring about Halo after the original trilogy game and I’m not into Call of Duty. When I play shooters, I want fun and engaging stories that allow me to play co-op with Matt or three of my closest friends and doesn’t rely on PvP stuff. PvP is just not enjoyable with a bunch of random people for me. Sure, when I can get a dozen of my best gaming friends together and maybe with some age appropriate beverages I’ll partake in some Capture the Flag. PvP is like the sprig of parsley old school restaurants put on the edge of your plate for garnish.  (more…)

April 9, 2014

Griefed by Christa Charter

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griefedcoverSMALLFull disclosure: There are spoilers here so if you care about those sorts of things, TURN BACK NOW!

I finished Pwned giddy over Lexy’s relationship with her Asgardian snow god/undercover DEA boyfriend. She was finally with a man that deserved and appreciated her love, something semi-stable considering their professions. Everything was coming up roses. (more…)

December 3, 2013


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Status: Finished with Atoi, 96% of bonus items found
Playtime: About 19 hours or so
Trophies: 24 of 31
Papercraft Collection:

Tearaway was a major PS Vita selling point for me, second only to Persona 4 Golden because I have a wonderfully horrid addiction to the Persona franchise. With its visually appealing papercraft world I knew there was no way I could pass up the adventure. It helped that it seemed not as intimidating as the extremely in-depth LittleBigPlanet series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the LBP platformers but I sort of let them fall into my giant backlog pile and I’ve been inseparable from my Vita since getting it.

We picked up Tearaway at the midnight launch for the Xbox One, which meant Matt was awesome enough to let me start playing it that night. I hemmed and hawed for 10 minutes deciding which Messenger I wanted to use first and settled on Atoi, the female envelope headed lead. It had nothing to do with her being female, I just hadn’t seen her in much of the advertising and wanted to take her for a spin.  (more…)

October 8, 2013

Puppeteer (PS3)

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Status: Finished all 21 curtains
Playtime: About 15 hours or so
Heads Collected: 66 of 100

With the holiday season approaching and the usual slew of annual sequels nipping at our heels, new and innovative titles such as Puppeteer are a welcome sight to this long-time gamer’s eyes. I knew from the first moment I caught wind of this fanciful Kabuki-style platformer from JapanStudio that it would become part of my Playstation library, something I will never regret and most likely chastise anyone who doesn’t add it to their own.

In this vibrant and charming chunk of software, you play as Kutaro, a young boy who’s been turned into a wooden puppet and caught up in a galactic struggle. The evil Moon Bear King has conquered the White Moon Castle and is capturing the souls of children, turning them into unwilling servants better known as grubs. The Moon Bear King has seized the Black Moon Stone for himself, destroyed the White Moon Stone, shattering it into shards and entrusting those shiny bits to his Zodiac themed generals. Recruited by the Moon Witch, Ezma Potts, Kutaro sets out to steal a pair of powerful scissors known as Calibrus and put a stop to the Moon Bear King ‘s plans. (more…)

August 21, 2013

Tales of Xillia

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Status: Milla storyline complete, grinding in the post-game dungeon before starting NG+ with Jude
Playtime: 63 hours and counting
Trophies: 15 of 44

Here there be spoilers. Enter at own risk.

My addiction to JRPGs has long been documented. Hell, WRPGs and JRPGS alike cause me to drop everything else and devote hours of my time they are until complete. Same can most certainly be said about my first adventure through Rieze Maxia and Elympios with Milla Maxwell and company.

I decided to go with Milla as my main character the first time around mostly because she wielded a sword, had a ridiculous outfit, and her background as a personified spirit lord intrigued me. I almost immediately regretted it as her initial English voice over was far too stiff and forced, even if she wasn’t naturally human. Thankfully this corrected itself as the game progressed but I still wished the entire time that the original Japanese audio had been an option with Tales of Xillia even if I’d had to pay for it as DLC.  (more…)

July 19, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Status: Catching cicadas and fishing, making the bells to pay back Nook’s ridiculous loans
Dream Address: 4500-2245-0852

I caved to peer pressure. I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf almost a month ago and I am sad to report that I am utterly addicted to this game. When I am not sleeping, playing Borderlands 2 or watching TV with Matt (TV time is cross stitching time), I am planting flowers and trees, playing delivery girl for my townspeople, shaking trees in the hopes that I’ll get some cool bit of swag instead of another angry beehive to drop from the branches, and digging up my town looking for fossils.

I’ve tried to stop. My continued playing of Animal Crossing is definitely not for a lack of games; I have Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask to finish, Shin Megami Tensei IV that I just picked up, and 6 other games in my 3DS backlog. Then there are the other 20-30 or so console games I’ve fallen behind on. Clearly, there are other things I could be doing with my time like getting more of my fantasy story written, which I have been getting to more often these days, all while keeping my AC town gates open for visitors. But I keep finding myself drawn to developing Yukokoku into a prosperous and bustling metropolis where the inhabitants praise me for being an awesome mayor, despite my totally bizarre hairdo and bloodied Battle Royale-inspired school girl outfit. (more…)

April 18, 2013

Bioshock Infinite

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Status: 2 playthroughs complete (once on Normal, second Easy), currently attempting 1999 Mode
Achievements: 43 of 50
Gamerscore: 730/1000
DLC Purchased: Season Pass (no content out just yet)

Seriously, there are going to be spoilers in this post. Do not read this if you haven’t finished the game!!

I love Ken Levine.

As an aspiring writer, I wish that I had the chance to shadow him during his creative process if only for a couple of weeks, because both games I have played of his have kept me on the edge of my seat and putting the final pieces together for days afterwards. His plot twists, his characters, his stunning locales….. If he taught a master class, I’d sell my kidneys to attend. But he does not, so I instead shall fangirl out about Bioshock Infinite in the space provided below.  (more…)

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